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Introduction to some prominent Nepali poets prepared by Mahesh Paudyal

Dharanidhar Koirala
The famous poet who wrote these beautiful lines in Nepali language was none other than Dharanidhar Koirala. He was born at Dumja village of Sindhuli District on 4 Feb 1893. Later, he moved to Benaras in India. During his stay in Benaras, a weekly newspaper The Gorkhali used to be published from there. He worked for that newspaper and got his patriotic poems published. After some time, the Ranas put a ban on the publication of the newspaper. His numerous poems were also published in the monthly Nepali newspaper Chandrika was published from Kharsang, India. His publishes works are 1) Naibedhya (Food Offerings)2) Spandan (Heartbeat) and 3) Translation of Shreemad Bhagawatgita. Recognizing his love for his country and language, affection and belief in countrymen, and his social work, Royal Nepal Academy honoured him with Tribhuvan Puraskar for his long service to Nepali literature. He also became an honorary member of the Academy. He expired on 9 February 1980 in Kathm…